3 Benefits of Concierge Medicine

Healthcare has become a quagmire of bureaucracy as well as a source of financial stress for patients and physicians alike, but one care model that’s gaining ground not only benefits both groups, but offers real advantages when it comes to quality of care, efficiency, and a patient-centered approach.

Concierge medicine is an innovative type of care where you pay a flat fee to become, essentially, a member of a practice with privileges. This status gives you distinct advantages over a traditional patient-practice relationship, including ample time with your doctor, thorough preventive care, nearly unlimited access to your doctor, and more. 

Dr. Sharon Gertzman identified concierge care as an initiative she wanted to adopt because she saw her values reflected in this type of medical practice. Since Serenity Medical Spa has adopted the platform, our patients couldn’t be happier, and neither could we. Dr. Gertzman is able to spend the time you need to discuss your health concerns, and truly partner with you in your care. 

3 Standout Benefits of Concierge Care

Although there are numerous benefits to becoming a concierge care member at Serenity Medical Spa, we wanted to share the three biggest plusses that we see here with our patients.

1. Seamlessness of care

Because your membership is paid for with a flat annual fee, you get to bypass the insurance hassles, medical records mixups, and cumbersome office clerical issues that weigh down healthcare that’s delivered traditionally. This means that Dr. Gertzman can get down to business — delivering the best care experience to you — sooner and more efficiently.

For example, Dr. Gertzman helps you connect to specialists and tests, should you need these services, by providing referrals and follow-up communication, and we perform blood testing here in our comfortable office, so you’re not running to and fro — and waiting in long lines — for these services. 

And even though we’re an out-of-network provider, we send claims from your visits to your insurer so you can receive any reimbursement you’re entitled to. We do this as a courtesy to our patients again, because we’re on Team You when it comes to your care.

Getting care should be simple, and now, it is!

2. A Matter of Time

A lack of time is the enemy of both you and your doctor. On average in the United States, doctors spend about 15 minutes with their patients per routine visit, and this simply doesn’t cut it. 

Conversely, Dr. Gertzman typically spends one hour to an hour-and-a-half with her concierge patients during their annual physicals, and devotes 30 minutes to routine appointments. Quite a marked difference from the norm in standard practices. 

Additionally, since Dr. Gertzman’s concierge patient group is capped at just 100, you don’t sit in our office waiting to see her. Also unlike most practices, we get you in to see Dr. Gertzman within 24 hours if you have a pressing need, and within one week if you need routine care. 

We honor your time because we know it’s valuable. 

3. Standardized and customized care — at the same time

With traditionally delivered care, the patient is often left guessing about many things, from whether they’ll have sufficient time to discuss their health issue and ask questions, to how much it will cost and what, exactly, is included in the care they receive. 

Concierge care shatters these challenges too, because cost and services are concretely and unambiguously defined. Dr. Gertzman’s concierge care patients pay a yearly membership fee of $2,499.00. This entitles you to:

Concierge care enhances the partnership that you and your doctor have, and is unquestionably the wave of the future. As a concierge medicine patient with us, a typical visit is a pleasurable experience where you feel heard and served, rather than agitated and wanting. 

Please call our office to learn more about becoming a concierge medicine member, or book a consultation through our website.

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