5 Reasons to Try Vivace™ RF Microneedling Today

The verdict has been in for quite some time that microneedling, a procedure where a roller creates hundreds of minute punctures in your skin to fuel collagen production, makes all the difference for those wanting to tighten their skin and improve its appearance. 

If you wish to make your skin smoother, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and lessen scarring, then microneedling is definitely for you. 

Dr. Sharon Gertzman and our team at Serenity Medical Spa discovered an even better microneedling method that not only uses “puncture power” to initiate your body’s healing abilities, but combines it with the use of radiofrequency (RF) energy for a one-two skin-improving punch.

The innovative treatment is called Vivace™ RF, and we continue to see transformational benefits for our patients that exceed those of standard microneedling alone. RF treatment delivers heated energy via wavelengths to your skin and further activates your collagen response system. 

Making the case for Vivace RF microneedling

There are five game-changing benefits we observe that make Vivace RF microneedling our go-to treatment for skin-imperfection solutions.

Two extraordinary modalities in one

Vivace RF is the only skin treatment that uses two highly effective methods of skin rejuvenation to improve your appearance: microneedling and radiofrequency technology.  Demand for RF treatment has grown significantly over the last two decades.

The collagen-stimulating effects of microneedling are heightened to an even greater degree with the addition of the RF component of the treatment. The RF addition makes the treatment work more rapidly as well.

Vivace RF is virtually pain-free

You want your skin to enjoy the benefits of an innovative treatment like Vivace RF, but perhaps too much discomfort is your deal breaker — Vivace RF is for you.

We use the most advanced pre-treatment topical numbing agents, so all you feel is light pressure and perhaps a periodic, very mild tingle. Treatments in our spa-like office are quick, too.

Vivace RF offers more safety and precision than conventional methods

Treatment quality is determined by how advanced the technology is that your doctor uses. Rest assured that Dr. Gertzman and our team have invested in Vivace RF because of its advanced design. She can control the Vivace handheld device in order to treat the exact areas requiring attention, without affecting those that don’t.

You might also wonder, with all the claims made about everything from beauty products to in-office treatments, if they’re really safe, and whether you might encounter problems down the road with Vivace RF.

Our treatment philosophy is based on offering procedures that are proven to be safe, both in the short and long run. Vivace RF is FDA-approved as well, which should put your mind at ease.

Vivace RF improves myriad skin problems

We advise Vivace RF as an option for you whether you have fine lines and wrinkle concerns, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation issues, enlarged pores, or sagging skin. Dr. Gertzman also ensures that your post-procedure skincare regimen makes your new look last.

Not only do you see near-immediate improvement, but results also continue to improve in the months after treatment, and we typically advise a course of just three Vivace RF treatments.

Vivace RF treatments don’t disrupt your life

Vivace RF treatments themselves are wonderfully brief, and you can truly enjoy a same-day social event with no signs of distress on your face. In other words, you won’t look red or swollen hours after your treatment. 

Since Vivace RF is safe for most skin types and tones, you can probably receive treatments successfully, after a thorough consultation with Dr. Gertzman.

Call the Serenity Medical Spa office today at 609-337-2790 or book an appointment online at our website. 

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