Am I a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Have you experienced the supreme frustration of practicing the cleanest eating and never skipping a workout for months — maybe even years — on end, but still end up dissatisfied because stubborn pockets of fat in your “problem areas” just will not let go?

Though you might feel all alone, you’re not. Most of us weren’t born looking perfectly proportioned, with an ideal percentage of body fat, but we want to feel better about how we look.

Dr. Sharon Gertzman offers wonderful nonsurgical body contouring solutions that work so well, you may not believe your eyes. Her approach is patient-centered always, no matter what service she’s providing. Everyone at Serenity Med Spa truly listens, and Dr. Gertzman never fails to zero in on your unique needs and goals.

The beauty of body sculpting

Years ago, the only way you could truly rid yourself of unwanted fat was to undergo liposuction — a major invasive surgery that isn’t without its risks. 

Today, there’s a new, innovative minimally invasive body contouring treatment that zaps that persistent fat safely, quickly, and with zero downtime — SculpSure.

The important thing to remember about body contouring is that it doesn’t just remove fat. It does other things to enhance your appearance, including tightening your skin and reshaping targeted areas. 

In addition to removing fat, SculpSure can also help you if you’ve lost a good deal of weight and are struggling with sagging excess skin. 

Another key advantage of body contouring is its versatility as a treatment. SculpSure addresses so many areas that can traditionally be slow or impossible to alter:

It’s rare when a single treatment can so successfully work on multiple areas, but SculpSure fits the bill!

Additional benefits of SculpSure include the fact that it’s customizable and works on any body or skin type. 

What’s a body contouring treatment like?

The SculpSure treatment platform is designed for busy people, just like you. Treatment takes just 25 minutes, and Dr. Gerzman uses hand-held paddles that deliver powerful laser energy gently to destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells — quite impressive. 

Heat eliminates the fat cells, and over time, your body absorbs them and your lymphatic system expels them. 

Treatment is comfortable, and you can tune into a TV show or tune out completely — it’s up to you. You might feel some light tingling, but that’s it. 

After treatment, no downtime is required, and though you see results after about six weeks, they peak at about 12 weeks after your session. Dr. Gertzman might advise additional treatments, but any followup should be done about six weeks after your first treatment for optimal results. 

The best part about SculpSure? The fat is gone for good, never to return!

I’m curious about CoolSculpting too, do you offer it?

After researching both treatment options, Dr. Gertzman opted to offer SculpSure over CoolSculpting for several reasons. Sculpsure treatments are shorter, and the heat destroys fat cells beyond the targeted area, which is welcome. CoolSculpting doesn’t, so results aren’t as subtle. 

The CoolSculpting platform is equipped with just one paddle, while SculpSure has four, which means that Dr. Gertzman can treat a mix of different areas on your body, or use more than one to treat a larger problem spot. 

Finally, though both treatments obliterate fat cells, only SculpSure goes the extra mile by stimulating your body to manufacture collagen and elastin, which firm and smooth the skin in your treatment area. 

If you’re tired of battling your body, or at least certain parts of it, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gertzman to talk about SculpSure. Call our office or make an appointment online — and don’t forget to check out our “before and after” gallery.

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