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Botox Injections — Anti-Aging Pennington Treatment

Published on November 2, 2015 by

Over time, several of the miniscule muscle movements made by our facial muscles contribute to the look of aging. However, with Botox injections, you can fight these signs of aging without a drawn-out healing period. Botox is the most popular injectable on the market today. This extraordinary non-invasive anti-aging tool won’t sideline you during the festive holiday season, so you’re free to look amazing from the moment you walk out of the office.

Derived from a naturally occurring toxin, Botox injections work as a neuromuscular inhibitor to prevent the miniscule contractions that cause wrinkles. In the hands of experienced practitioners at Serenity Medical Spa, injections are placed carefully to accurately target specific muscle groups while preserving a natural appearance.

Botox injections offer the perfect combination of convenience and defense against wrinkles at an affordable price. Contact our Pennington office to learn more about all of our anti-aging treatments.

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