Most people assume the only way to erase fine lines and wrinkles is with Botox Cosmetic. However, at Serenity Medical Spa, board-certified physician Dr. Sharon Gertzman offers a similar treatment called Dysport, which is also comprised of botulinum toxin type A but is seen to be faster acting.

Like Botox, Dysport is an injectable treatment used to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from developing on the face. It has the same indications that Botox does.

The most popular places to use botulinum toxin type A are the outsides of your eyes, on the wrinkles commonly referred to as “crow’s feet”; your forehead; and in between your eyes.

With Dysport, you will see an effect a few days after treatment is done, as opposed to Botox, which often takes around seven days to show effects.

To learn more about either of the botulinum toxin type A products, contact our office in Pennington to set up a consultation.

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