Can I Get My Tattoo Removed?

It seemed like a great idea — at the time. You know, the tattoo you thought was cutting edge, original, and reflective of who you were then. If you feel differently now, you’re not out of luck. There’s a tattoo removal method that’s safe, comfortable, and most of all, effective!

With a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge under her belt, Dr. Sharon Gertzman and the Serenity Med Spa team are the natural choice if you’re considering banishing that ink. Dr. Gertzman’s approach is nonjudgemental, clinically advanced, and based on your goals.

Help! I don’t want this tattoo anymore

You’re not alone by any means. “Tattoo regret” is a real thing. In fact, a study of 600 participants reflected that 75% of them wished they hadn’t gotten at least one of the tattoos they have now. 

We find that the reasons vary when patients come to us looking for removal options, but include the fact that the tattoo was done without much skill, didn’t match what they wanted or envisioned, or they’d simply moved on and grown out of it. Many say that they made the decision to get that first tattoo far too young. 

Consider the decision to get a tattoo and what you’ll do if you tire of it

Taking a “wait and see” approach before you get a tattoo can help you decide if you really, truly want it, but even if you’re not the impulsive type, you may be saddled with a tattoo you want gone. Multiple tattoos are the norm now, and we have lots of experience gently removing them. 

Although some people solve the unwanted tattoo issue by returning to the tattoo parlor to have the original altered to look like something else, many others just want to see unmarked skin again. 

An innovative tattoo removal system

Fortunately, there’s a tattoo removal system that has gained great numbers of both patient and clinician fans: PicoSure laser tattoo removal. The system gets its name from the picosecond, which is an amazingly brief unit of time — one trillionth of one second! 

The PicoSure handheld device that Dr. Gertzman uses to administer treatment delivers short-pulse laser blasts — an astounding one trillion per second — to your treatment site and makes even the most challenging types of ink, from multi-colored to black, history. It also works well on the most challenging colors to erase (yellow and orange) and faded tattoos. 

If another treatment has failed to remove your tattoo fully, Dr. Gertzman can finish the job with PicoSure. See for yourself how effective the treatment is by taking a look at our photo gallery.

How does PicoSure work?

PicoSure delivers pulses that make the laser heat tolerable to your skin as they fuel ink erasure by initiating a photomechanical effect. The light pulses actually alter and break up the ink into minute particles that your body absorbs and gets rid of naturally. 

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Not when Dr. Gertzman does it. Because she applies a topical numbing agent to your skin first, you’re free from pain during the procedure. Patients liken treatment to the feeling of a rubber band gently snapping against their skin, and these sensations are brief. 

The only things you need to do in order to prepare for your PicoSure treatments are to abstain from sun exposure for two or more weeks and applying any skin products to your treatment site. You also stop taking blood thinners if they're prescribed to you. 

How is a tattoo removal treatment plan devised?

Dr. Gertzman takes several factors into consideration when creating your individualized PicoSure treatment plan:

You’ll likely need a series of treatments, which last usually less than half-an-hour, and are spaced 6-8 weeks apart so healing can happen in between them. 

Dr. Gertzman also goes over treatment costs with you, which is also dependent on these factors, because health insurance doesn’t cover tattoo removal treatment. 

What happens after tattoo removal treatment?

Dr. Gertzman provides plenty of post-treatment guidance and answers any questions you may have. She advises you to gently and scrupulously clean your treatment area, apply antibiotic ointment, and only take medications she advises. It’s just important to be very gentle with your skin; pulling, rubbing, or picking it can be damaging and inhibit healing. 

You may notice a whitening of the treated skin after treatment, but this disappears nearly immediately after treatment. Other than some mild redness and swelling that’s short-lived, you can go back to your normal life after a treatment session. 

Every patient is different, but we hear great things about our patients’ comfort levels during and after PicoSure treatments.

Look into safe tattoo removal treatment

Call our office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Gertzman, or book an online appointment. You may be a perfect candidate for PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatment.

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