Go Make Up Free This Summer With The Tetra Cool Peel

Go Make Up Free This Summer With The Tetra Cool Peel

Wouldn’t it be great to have such beautiful skin that you did not feel the need to wear make-up this summer? It is the perfect time to get started with some simple laser procedures to even out your skin tone, tighten your pores and smooth out some of those fine lines and wrinkles!

The Tetra Cool Peel does a really great job of fading and eliminating brown spots but also has a very nice effect on fine lines, even resulting in some tightening! It is especially effective around the eyes and mouth where our skin tends to show age sooner than other parts of our face. When used on the neck and chest, this laser peel can improve that crepey skin that appears as we age.

Tetra can be done superficially resulting in a fresh, glowing look to your skin with only one day of recovery. It is recommended this be done in a series of 2-3 treatments.  We can also get relatively aggressive with the Tetra, going a little deeper for a more significant effect of smoothing and tightening, though this will require a few days of healing.

Whether you choose the superficial, “freshen up peel” or the more aggressive approach, you will experience very little discomfort with this procedure as we will numb your skin with a topical numbing agent. 

So please remember that the first course of action against sun damage is sunscreen: every day regardless of weather or activity, at least an SPF of 30, but 40 is better! But if you are seeing some of those effects of aging and sun damage, Serenity Medical Spa is ready to help you bring back the youthful appearance to your skin. Please know that there are always several different approaches to help you achieve the skin you have always wanted. At Serenity we strive to help each of our patients find the perfect, individualized treatment for them! Visit us soon!

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