Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Maximize Your Body Contouring Results

Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Maximize Your Body Contouring Results

One of the biggest disappointments in life is working really hard at something, but the results don’t come. It’s beyond frustrating — think cakes that fall in the oven, a lovingly tended plant that never blooms, or a test you flunk, despite studying.

The same holds true when you do everything right in terms of eating a healthy diet and working out conscientiously, yet certain spots on your body don’t cooperate, and the fat won’t budge. 

Dr. Sharon Gertzman and our Serenity Medical Spa team offer many life-enhancing services and treatments, including a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment for persistent fat pockets that might sound unbelievable at first. Dr. Gertzman’s patients, however, become believers after receiving the ground-breaking body contouring treatment called SculpSure

After your treatments, Dr. Gertzman shares information with you about what you can do to support your great results and new look. 

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure is a treatment platform that’s both patient-friendly and offers Dr. Gertzman flexibility in how she uses it. 

When Dr. Gertzman administers a SculpSure treatment, she uses paddles that are connected to the treatment device and places them on the areas you want treated. The paddles deliver laser energy that heats up and destroys fat cells that have taken up residence in those trouble spots and destroys them. Afterwards, your body absorbs and eliminates them.  

Dr. Gertzman committed to offering SculpSure because its success rate is remarkable. For example, treatment obliterates up to 24% of the fat cells in whatever target area you address. This is probably why the platform enjoys patient satisfaction ratings that exceed 90 percent.

Other important benefits of SculpSure are that it doesn’t damage your skin, treatments are spa-like and easy to tolerate, and they last less than 30 minutes. It’s FDA-cleared, completely safe, and works on any skin type.

Even better, sometimes skin can sag after a body contouring treatment. SculpSure is the only treatment that actually activates your body’s production of collagen and elastin, all-important proteins that are responsible for skin’s resiliency. Your treatment areas are taut and smooth after your session. 

And the best part (aside from the results, of course)? There’s zero post-treatment downtime. You can leave our office after your treatment and jump right back into your busy life. 

Can SculpSure contour multiple problem areas on my body?

It sure can! Part of SculpSure’s appeal is that it can be used to zap fat cells in many places on your body, including:

Dr. Gertzman can customize your treatments since the platform is equipped with four applicators that work on any problem area you might be struggling with. 

Typically, you start noticing results at around six weeks post-treatment, but the maximum results are obvious at 12 weeks later. Dr. Gertzman discusses the best treatment schedule based on your goals, but submental fat (under the chin) treatment typically requires two treatments, scheduled six weeks apart. 

What can I do to make sure my SculpSure results last?

Our patients are so delighted with their SculpSure treatment results that many ask what they can do to make them last. 

Dr. Gertzman reminds them that, just as body contouring is selective fat reduction and not diet and exercise-induced overall weight loss, you can’t just let go of your healthy lifestyle habits once you’ve been treated. 

SculpSure results can be stymied if you suddenly stop exercising or let your diet go and put on a large amount of weight. 

After treatment, it’s also a good idea to massage your treated areas twice a day, for about five minutes. Do this for about two weeks, as it helps with the efficiency of lymphatic drainage, minimizes swelling, and encourages those fat cells to get absorbed by your body and disappear for good. 

Dr. Gertzman also recommends staying well hydrated after your treatment and exercising the day of your treatment if possible, because this aids your body in the breakdown of fat. 

Finally, be mindful about avoiding the sun for about a week before and after your treatment. If you must go outside, use a very high SPF sunscreen. 

Don’t delay learning more about how SculpSure can tone and define those stubborn fat pockets. Call our office to schedule a free consultation, or book one online

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