Many people have opted for our permanent makeup options as a great way to give definition to thin or sparse eyebrows or permanently line their eyes. This can solve the problem of eyes that are sensitive to cosmetics, or it can just save you some time in your daily routine.

Do you hate the daily chore of applying eyeliner or brow liner as part of your make-up routine? Perhaps your eyes are sensitive to make-up and you cannot wear any. Would you like to never have to bother with applying liner or experimenting with eye make-up just to see if you can wear it, only to throw it away if you have a reaction?

Here at Serenity Medical Spa, we can relieve you of the stress of constantly trying new make-up or just applying it on a daily basis. With a simple in-office procedure, Dr. Gertzman can help save time and keep you looking good at any hour of the day. When done properly, permanent make-up is a fantastic option worth considering.

Our aesthetician, Melissa DeAngelo, is a certified make-up artist who can help you choose the shape of your brows and match coloring perfectly to your desires.

There is little or no downtime, and the price includes a touch up if you feel that it is necessary. Please call us at the Serenity Medical Spa, (609) 737-7737, to set up an appointment for your free consultation today.

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