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Radiesse Injections — Dermal Fillers Pennington

Published on December 22, 2015 by

Skin damage that develops over the years can be tough to reverse with home treatments. Luckily, non-surgical solutions like Radiesse injections have been praised for their effectiveness at minimizing deep wrinkles and scars while pumping the brakes on unwanted facial aging.

Radiesse is comprised of unique microscopic spheres that support the skin for up to one year and sometimes beyond. During this time, the spheres slowly disintegrate, but as they do, they continue to promote the growth of new collagen and elastin proteins for long-lasting benefits. Eventually, the gel is also completely and safely absorbed into the body’s system.

Additional Radiesse injections can help to extend the duration of the effects. To find out more, contact our Pennington office to set up an appointment with Dr. Sharon Gertzman.

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