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It was 20 below in Chicago last week, but here in Pennington, we're already looking forward to summer with days on the beach, the boardwalk, and the pool not far into the future. Shouldn't your body be as ready as you are for warmer weather? It can be when you get one of the top 10 non-invasive cosmetic procedures in the country, so let's explore why non-surgical fat removal and contouring with SculpSure is the best way to be summer-ready by springtime.

What is SculpSure?

Are you one of the many Americans who eats well and exercises but just can't seem to achieve the contoured shape you're working so hard to reveal? You're not alone as 1/3 of U.S. adults are often considered overweight on the BMI scale and have pockets of fat that don't go away no matter how much they exercise.

The trusted brand CynoSure developed FDA-cleared SculpSure® just for you. It not only removes fat, but it helps tighten skin and leaves you with a more contoured shape by targeting excess fat cells through the skin from different angles with laser heat until the cells die, after which your lymphatic system naturally flushes them out of the area via your body's own elimination system. Studies show that it removes up to 24% of the fat cells in the targeted area with just one session without harming the skin.

What part of the body does SculpSure treat?

With this one device, Dr. Gertzman eliminates noticeable amounts of stubborn fat from your:

This leaves you with a more contoured shape you can both see and feel, and best of all, once the dead fat cells leave the body, they can't return, so as long as you continue to eat well and exercise, you retain this thinner and more contoured look for years and years.

What to expect during a session and after

Each session lasts around 25 minutes, so you can have this done on an extended lunch break. After Dr. Gertzman applies a cooling gel, he places the patented applicator on your skin in the target area. Patients tell us that they stay very comfortable throughout the procedure and say it feels like an intense but bearable tingling, hot-cold sensation.

After the procedure, you can return to normal activities the same day with no downtime, but you may have some bruising and sensitivity for a couple days, which is very minimal compared to the downtime associated with more invasive procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck.

How long does it take to see results?

Just one session helps you attain noticeable results, but some people may desire multiple sessions to further contour the body, so Dr. Gertzman discusses how many sessions you may need during your appointment. After about six weeks, as the fat cells leave the area, a new, more shapely you begins to appear, and by 12 weeks, you see the full results, which means if you schedule your first session soon, you have time to receive the number of sessions you need to achieve the body you want to show off this summer.

Who are good candidates for SculpSure?

SculpSure is not a weight-loss procedure, although you may lose a little weight. It targets stubborn pockets of fat on people who are usually overweight but not obese on the BMI scale. Because SculpSure works naturally with your own body's fat removal system, you need to be healthy enough to safely eliminate the fat cells through the liver and kidneys.

Get summer ready with SculpSure

Are you ready to reveal the more contoured, summer-ready body you know you deserve? Contact Serenity Medical Spa to schedule your next appointment.

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