Over the years, there have been several improvements to laser skin resurfacing technology. Until now, procedures like Fraxel and CO2 lasers never really got to the level of effectiveness necessary to make them a desirable procedure for Dr. Sharon Gertzman. Thanks to the weekend skin peel, skin resurfacing can provide peak rejuvenating enhancement.

The Sciton Profile Laser MicroLaserPeel, also called the weekend skin peel, can erase fine age lines and help even out skin pigmentation by removing the top layer of skin.

The technology used for the treatment incorporates focused laser light energy to create younger and smoother-looking skin.

Contact our Pennington location for your free consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Sharon Gertzman for a weekend skin peel. During this visit, she can discuss all of your options and show you how you can have the smooth and beautiful skin you have always wanted!

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