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Why Choose A Medical Spa

Published on April 29, 2015 by

There are many different spas out there, some specializing in skin and others that do hair and nails as well as skin treatments .A medical spa, however, is operated by a physician. The therapeutic modalities used are more result oriented rather than relaxation oriented. At a medical spa treatments are customized to fit each individual’s goals, should be performed by a physician if it is a laser, surgical or injectable in nature, or under the supervision of a physician. There are many non-invasive modalities with which to improve our appearance. The question is how to educate yourself about these new techniques and whom to trust to perform them. The world of aesthetics is largely unregulated. Therefore, there are some procedures that may be performed by anyone, regardless of training or experience. It is important to know who is treating you, their experience and training. Equally important is the type of machinery being utilized. For instance, a microdermabrasion done in a typical spa is going to give you significantly less results that a microdermabrasion done in a facility run by a physician. This is simply because the more powerful, more effective machines can only be used in medical settings due to the complications associated with the procedure and the training necessary to operate them. Hair removal is another example. The devices and products available to a physician are much more effective than those available to non-physicians. It is against New Jersey law for non-physicians to operate lasers. This covers not just hair removal but also those lasers used for anti-aging procedures, spider vein removal, acne treatments, etc. It is our opinion that an educated patient is the best patient.