Why You’re Struggling with Love Handles (and How SculpSure Can Help)

Why You’re Struggling with Love Handles (and How SculpSure Can Help)

“Love handles” doesn’t sound bad — love is a good thing, right?

Unfortunately, these fatty deposits on your waist and above your hips can make you feel self-conscious, especially when you wear form-fitting clothing or a bathing suit. 

If you’re not in love with your love handles, Dr. Sharon Gertzman and the Serenity Medical Spa team have the treatment for you.

Dr. Gertzman’s concern for her patients and attention to offering the most advanced treatments make her the natural choice for anti-aging and cosmetic solutions that revitalize your look and restore your self-esteem, so you can get excited about being out in the world. 

The frustrating thing about love handles

If you’d like to reduce your love handles, it’s good to learn about why they develop and treatments that aren’t worth your time. 

You develop love handles because your body retains fat in specific areas of your body, including the abdomen, bra line, and thighs. Once fat settles in these places, it can feel impossible to lose.

You might try dieting and exercising, and you may even lose some weight, but often the reduction occurs everywhere but your love handles. Factors that may contribute to love handles range from a bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle to stress and hormonal imbalance. 

Unfortunately, you can eat well, exercise regularly, enjoy balanced hormones, manage your stress well, and still be plagued with love handles. It’s definitely not fair, and up until now, there was little you could do about it except try to hide them with loose-fitting clothing. 

Today’s solution for love handles: Body contouring

An advanced treatment for obliterating love handles is here — SculpSure body contouring. The innovative treatment harnesses the power of laser energy to zap stubborn love-handle fat, so you look sleek and smooth again. 

This safe treatment offers a multitude of patient-friendly features, which is why Dr. Gertzman enthusiastically embraces it:

When you visit us for a SculpSure treatment, the process is seamless. We place treatment paddles above your hips or other treatment areas. You can close your eyes, listen to music, and just take it easy. 

During treatment, you sense warmth from the laser as it agitates and eradicates your fat cells. You can leave the office right after treatment without limitations on your activities. 

After they’re destroyed, your fat cells are eliminated by your body naturally over the next few weeks. At about six weeks post-treatment, you start to notice a visible and palpable reduction in your love handles, but the pinnacle of your results happens about 12 weeks after treatment. It’s safe to say you’ll be highly impressed.

Many patients considering SculpSure treatment ask how it compares to another popular treatment, CoolSculpting. Aside from the fact that their technology is different — SculpSure uses laser heat to zap your fat while CoolSculpting freezes it — SculpSure offers you several important benefits that CoolSculpting doesn’t:

1. Flexibility: The tool used for CoolSculpting addresses only a single problem area at a time, while SculpSure’s multiple treatment paddle sizes enable us to treat large areas or multiple areas simultaneously. 

2. Nuanced effectiveness: SculpSure’s laser energy extends slightly beyond your treatment area, so it addresses surrounding fat, too, while CoolSculpting’s capabilities are more limited. This makes for a more obvious and abrupt “treated versus untreated area” look, instead of a subtle visual transition.

3. Structural support for your skin: SculpSure improves your skin’s post-treatment appearance since fat removal can cause your skin to sag a bit. 

Because SculpSure’s laser heat fuels collagen and elastin production, your skin looks smooth and taut after treatment. These two important proteins form your connective tissue and support your skin. CoolSculpting doesn’t offer this benefit. 

4. Treatment time: You retain more of your precious time when you get SculpSure treatment since a session lasts about 25 minutes, whereas a CoolSculpting session lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Imagine no longer needing to worry about your love handle problem area and feeling free and fully confident when making clothing choices. SculpSure offers the perfect solution.

Learn more about SculpSure by booking a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gertzman. Call us at 609-891-3188 or book an appointment online

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