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Winter Skin

Published on February 12, 2015 by

In the colder months of the year it is important to remember that your skin changes. The products that you used through the warmer months are frequently not as hydrating as they need to be. It’s a common misbelief that drinking water is enough to hydrate your skin and if you increase your water intake in the winter, your skin will benefit from that. In reality, your skin needs to obtain its hydration from the outside. When the air becomes dryer and colder, more water evaporates from your skin into the air, leaving it dry, tight, and occasionally itchy. Dryer skin ages much more quickly. It is very important to maintain a constant level of hydration in your skin. One of the more powerful hydrators available in topical skin care products is hyaluronic acid or sodium hyalluronate. However, if this ingredient is not in a quality product that can deliver it deeply into your skin, you are wasting your money and not doing your skin a service.