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Spring is almost here!

Let's lift that face, neck & decollete to show off this Summer!

As we age we all see what appears to be our face drooping. Our skin loses its elasticity and collagen so it does not rebound from facial expressions as quickly. We lose volume in our face as natural, structural fat pads are absorbed and we even lose some bone volume. We still have the same amount of skin though, so it all droops to the lower part of our face creating those nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and jowls that we all love so much!

Fortunately there is a "non-surgical face lift" that is virtually pain free, has no recovery or down time and gives visible results on just about everyone.


The TempSure Envi procedure uses radio-frequency energy to get beneath the surface layers of the skin to create a heating of the deeper layers of the face. This results in tightening of collage and elastin fibers as well as stimulating a surge of new collagen growth. The effects build in from the lower levels of the tissue working its way up to the surface, because of this the results begin to show approximately a month after treatment. The treatment itself is relatively comfortable, similar to the feel of a hot stone massage. There is no recovery time at all! An initial series of 3 treatments at one month intervals is recommended with a follow up once every six-twelve months after.


There is an additional radio-frequency based procedure called Vivace that works on the surface of your skin to smooth our wrinkles, fine lines, and scarring. There's very little downtime. Most patients recover in anywhere from 12-48 hours after a Vivace treatment. You may have some redness and minor swelling following treatment, but over the coming days and weeks, you'll notice smoother and younger-looking skin.

Combining these two procedures produces amazing results!

Come to Serenity Medical Spa for your free consultation and let Dr. Gertzman evaluate your specific needs. She can tell you how TempSure & Vivace can improve your appearance giving you a more youthful look with no downtime.

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Combination Treatment Package with TempSure & Vivace

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