Buy 3 Tempsure Treatments & Get 3 Vivace treatments for 50% off!

Serenity Medical Spa is proud to be the pioneer in combining these two procedures resulting in an effect geometrically improved from either procedure on its own. For those often forgotten areas that show our age a bit too much, this combination gives you results that will make you proud to display your skin.


TempSure is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the deeper layers of the skin. It is an easy, in-office procedure that feels similar to a hot stone massage. A series of three treatments are done over the course of three months, with subsequent maintenance every 6-9 months.

Vivace is procedure also using Radio Frequency that uses microneedles to deliver the radiofrequency energy to the proper layer of the skin, resulting in smoothing fine lines and thickening thin, crepey skin. The timing of this three treatment procedure works well with the timing of the Tempsure procedure.

It's not juts for your face, treat your hands, neck, décolleté too!

3 treatments are always recommended, but every patient is different. The optimum number of treatments can vary, so please schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Gertzman to develop a plan that is right for you!

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3 Tempsure Treatments & Get 3 Vivace treatments for 50% off!

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