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Serenity Medical Spa Reviews

I have been on treatment for Rosacea for the past 4 years. I have been seen by the best dermatologists and prescribed different antibiotics from oral to creams, etc. I felt miserable depending on antibiotics to reduce redness and decrease flare ups. I knew antibiotics wasn’t a healthy choice for me. I couldn’t imagine taking another 6 more months of toxins into my body in order to cure one problem and in the long run stress my entire body, and possibly create more problems. In the end, antibiotics had never fully cleared my face even when i took it religiously for many months. 

In that time, I did everything right. I used sun-screen, stayed out of the sun, ate healthy, juiced, took supplements, took antibiotics as prescribed, and the pustules, redness kept on returning, and spreading more in a short period of time after finishing my final dose of antibiotics. So what was I to do? Take more antibiotics? I thought this was ridiculous! 

I didn’t give up!! I decided to take Rosacea into my own hands and started doing some research. I read a lot of information about Laser Therapy that specifically targets Rosacea. I thought I would give it a try telling myself that this is my last resort.

I made an appointment at Serenity Medical Spa with Dr. Sharon Gertzman who is a sweetheart. She had educated me about my condition and had advised me that Laser Therapy is the best choice for me. I trusted her opinion and I am so happy with all the results today!!! By the 3th session I noticed a huge improvement. So far I had 6 sessions. My redness and inflammation is unoticable, my pores have shrunk considerably, my skin even feels smooth and looks younger and rejuvenated. Of course, some pustules do pop-up here and there, but are not as painful and disappear within few days. I am currently in remission. I am so happy i had found Dr. Gertzman she is the best!!!

I am so happy I had found Dr. Gertzman she is the best!!!

What a great experience from the first time I was at the office and for all my procedures.  Dr Gertzman is kind, professional and explains everything to you to make you feel comfortable through your whole experience.  I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family.  I will say that I was nervous and she made me feel at ease every time I was in her office.

I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family

Dr. Gertzman is wonderful! I have been a patient of hers for the last 3 years and I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my anti-aging needs. Dr. Gertzman always listens to my concerns, and provides me with thorough explanations of all treatment options. She always makes me feel comfortable during office visits and I know she is an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Dr. Gertzman!

I would highly recommend Dr. Gertzman!

I have been a patient of Dr. Gertzman’s for many years for acupuncture for my migraines. She is an amazing doctor and offers her patients a practice filled with kindness, caring, and competence. I trust her fully and know that she is an intelligent, highly skilled and honest professional who truly cares about the well-being and treatment of her patients. Her staff and facilities are top-notch and I highly recommend her. She’s the best!!!

She’s the best!!!

I have been a patient of Dr. Sharon Gertzman for years.  Initially, in my early 40’s when I was a little concerned about a slight nasal-labial fold and it was amazing how she was able to immediately correct it!  Over the years, I would seek the counsel of Dr. Gertzman and she was always able to assess my face and reverse any aging concerns I had WITHOUT overdoing it.  (Which, was always a fear of mine) I don’t want that “over-done” look.   And she has mastered the art of proper placement and amount to guarantee the desired effect.  I just turned 50 years old and people tell guess my age at 38-42 and that’s just fine with me!   Thank you Serenity Medical Spa!

Thank you Serenity Medical Spa!