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Vivace Microneedling and RF for Smoother Skin

microneedlingVivace is a technology that changes the surface texture of your skin without weeks of healing and pain.

This amazing new procedure can improve the appearance of thin, crepey skin we develop with age. 

It also has an amazing effect on acne scars, both new and old.

Are Vivace Treatments Painful?

The treatment is remarkably comfortable, rating only a 2 or a 3 on the discomfort scale with a topical anesthetic.

How Long is Recovery After Vivace?

Recovery is very easy and short. You will see some redness and slight swelling for a few hours after the treatment. During the healing process, your skin remodels itself from deep down all the way up to the surface, resulting in a much smoother, more youthful appearance.

How Many Vivace Treatments Will I Need?

This procedure is recommended in a series of four (4) treatments at one month intervals.

What Makes Vivace Microneedling Different?

The Vivace device combines two procedures that have been available for quite some time, with results significantly greater than either treatment on its own:

  • Microneedling: The robotic hand piece, controlled by the physician, places microneedles in the precise level of your skin to deliver maximum benefit.
  • Radiofrequency (RF): Once the needles are where they need to be, they deliver radiofrequency waves from under the skin.

All of this is done in seconds using a safe, sterile, precise robotic component.

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