Radiofrequency and Microneedling: A Winning Combo for Rejuvenating Skin Texture and Firmness

Radiofrequency and Microneedling: A Winning Combo for Rejuvenating Skin Texture and Firmness

A combination of the elements, stress, and the number of trips we’ve made around the sun conspire to dull your skin and make its texture and resilience less than ideal. Having a strong structural skin foundation means your face looks bright and firm, while a texture that isn’t bumpy, flaky, lined, or plagued by enlarged pores shows your radiance in an instant.

Aesthetic medicine expert Dr. Sharon Gertzman built her practice on a caring approach, offering patients the most advanced treatments that deliver stunning results. She is committed to helping you find the right treatment solutions for your unique skin goals.

A skin treatment that will wow you (and everyone you see)

Dr. Gertzman seeks the most innovative treatments for her patients and loves those that do “double duty” and combine the benefits of multiple treatments into one.

VirtueRF offers this powerful one-two punch. By combining microneedling, where Dr. Gertzman uses a robotic handheld tool to gently make many tiny punctures in your skin (don’t worry, she applies topical numbing medication for your comfort first), with the power of radiofrequency energy, VirtueRF does so many things to refine and refresh tired, damaged skin:

The electromagnetic RF energy adds heat to the microneedling treatment. The two treatments complement each other and work wonders on your skin. 

Introducing micro-injuries to your skin promotes the production of collagen, the protein in your body that keeps your skin firm, while the RF energy directed at your skin from the microneedling device accelerates the process even more.

“Versatility” is VirtueRF’s middle name 

In addition to correcting a wide range of skin woes, VirtueRF treatment allows Dr. Gertzman to target therapy with a new level of precision, thanks to the three different handpieces:

VirtueRF treatment is comfortable, brief, and highly targeted, so there’s a lot to like about it for patients. Typically, Dr. Gertzman recommends that patients get a series of three treatments, with one month in between each. However, she can further tailor this treatment to your needs when necessary.

Apart from a bit of swelling and minor redness, no one will ever know you had treatment, and you can go back to your everyday life immediately following your session. Aftercare is important, so stay well-hydrated following your treatment, avoid intense workouts, and steer clear of the sun. It’s also important not to use acid-based skin products and give your skin a break from makeup for a day. 

Dr. Gertzman will also recommend the gentlest skin products from the exemplary ZOSkin Health line we sell right here at Serenity.

Don’t settle for ho-hum skin that betrays your age. Wake it up with VirtueRF’s brightening and tightening capabilities.

Call our Pennington office at 609-891-3188 to schedule your free consultation, or contact us online.

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