There are many different degrees of rosacea. Some experience some flushing in response to temperature changes, stress, certain foods or beverages. Some experience a constant redness to their complexion and some suffer from severe redness, breakouts that mimic acne, broken capillaries and hot flushes.

Rosacea has genetic, environmental and bacterial components. Until the advent of lasers, the only treatment available for Rosacea was prescription topical antibiotics. The problem with this treatment approach is that only the bacterial component of this disease was being addressed. Additionally, after constant exposure to an antibiotic, the rosacea bacteria become resistant to the antibiotic resulting in increased rosacea symptoms.

Using the power of light to treat Rosacea results in closing the broken capillaries that cause the flushing while killing the bacteria that add to the inflammatory reaction.

In short 15 minute treatments, approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart, you can see a dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance. This procedure also has the wonderful side effect of stimulating collagen production resulting in smoother, creamier skin within weeks of starting treatment.


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