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Sharon Gertzman, DO

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At Serenity Medical Spa in Pennington, New Jersey, your needs come first. That’s why experienced physician Sharon Gertzman, DO, offers concierge medicine services for your convenience. Dr. Gertzman and the Serenity Medical Spa team provide individualized, comprehensive care without the long waits for appointments that are typical in other health care models. Learn more about how you can get unprecedented access to your doctor through concierge medicine by calling the office or booking a consultation online.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a medical care model that gives you unusually high access to your physician for personalized care, without a long wait. 

Concierge medicine practices reduce their patient pool dramatically, with a typical maximum of 500 patients, as compared to 2,000-3,000 for the average medical practice. 

At Serenity Medical Spa, Dr. Gertzman reduces her patient pool even more to ensure that every concierge medicine patient gets the best care. She caps her patient pool at 100, just 20% of the average concierge medical practice. 

Concierge medicine at Serenity Medical Spa is flexible, too. Dr. Gertzman and her team can cover not only your routine care, but also your urgent care if you have a sudden problem. 

How does the concierge medicine model work?

You can become a concierge medicine patient at Serenity Medical Spa by paying a flat annual fee. This gives you benefits that most patients never get, including:

Priority appointments

In traditional medical models, patients often wait a couple of weeks (or longer) to connect with their doctor for care. With concierge medicine at Serenity Medical Spa, you always get same-day or next-day care. 

More time with the doctor

Thanks to the greatly reduced number of patients, Dr. Gertzman is able to spend more time with you. Many appointments last an hour or more, so she gets to know your background and needs in a personal way. Concierge medicine covers far more in-depth preventive medicine care than most insurance companies do.

Direct communication 

You’ll never be left worrying and wondering about health issues with concierge medicine at Serenity Medical Spa. You get direct communication with Dr. Gertzman through text, email, and phone around the clock. 

Ultimately, concierge medicine is the most customized and accessible care possible today. 

When should I consider concierge medicine?

If you’ve ever wished you could contact an experienced medical care professional around the clock, concierge medicine could be right for you. With concierge medicine, you can relax because you know Dr. Gertzman is only as far away as your phone.

Concierge medicine is a great choice if you want the most personalized care. Because Dr. Gertzman knows and understands each patient so well, she can help you reach the best whole-body wellness. 

Concierge medicine can also be good for your long-term health: Recent studies show that patients enrolled in a concierge medicine practice have significantly fewer hospitalizations while managing their chronic illnesses far more effectively. 

Dr. Gertzman has more than 25 years of experience as a board-certified family doctor. She’s an integral part of the Mercer County community who takes great joy in delivering the best in holistic whole-body care to every patient. Call the Serenity Medical Spa office, or click on the appointment tool to learn more about the benefits of concierge care today.