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Radiofrequency Treatments

Radio Frequency (RF) Surgery:

For changed appearance around the eyes (unwanted bags, wrinkles, and excess skin around upper and lower eyelids), as well as facial veins, moles, warts, skin tags, raised lesions and pierced ear repair.RF procedures use radio wave energy to make microscopic, cosmetic-enhancing incisions without damaging surrounding tissue. RF surgery facilitates a quicker return to normal activities than traditional surgery. All surgeries are done under local anesthesia. Little, if any, bruising or swelling is common, so most patients experience a rapid, comfortable post-operative recuperation.

Mole and blemish removal:

Radiofrequency surgery can also be used to removes moles and blemishes. Because of the rapid recovery and the very minimal risk of scarring, Radiofrequency surgery is the method of choice for removing skin lesions on the face or any other visible area. Sutures are not necessary, there is almost no bleeding, and recovery is rapid.

Pierced Ear:

Frequently, after years of wearing long, dangly earrings, we see the once tiny piercing in our ear lobe elongate into more of a line. Sometimes, this occurs to such a degree that we can not longer wear ear rings that dangle or have any weight. Or you might find that the hole has enlarged so much that you can not longer wear studs because the stud will just push all the way through the hole.

Sometimes trauma to your ear lobe can tear your earring through your lobe so that you can not wear earrings at all any more.

Now, with a minor, in office procedure, your ear lobe can be repaired to have a small, tight piercing, just as it was when your ears were first pierced. Your ear lobe can even be repaired with your favorite stud earring in place!