3 Reasons SculpSure Is Your Best Option for Body Contouring

Body Contouring SculpSure Serenity MedSpa

Eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise are certainly important steps for losing excess pounds. But sometimes, no matter how committed you are to watching what you eat and being physically active, you can still wind up with areas of stubborn fat that just won’t budge, no matter what you do. The fact is, most of us struggle with slimming down, and that means we’re left with areas of jiggling, unattractive fat that make us feel discouraged and a lot less self-confident than we should.

While liposuction used to be the only option for getting rid of isolated pockets of diet-resistant fat, today there’s SculpSure® — a state-of-the-art, noninvasive treatment that targets stubborn fat and melts it away, leaving you sleeker, slimmer, and sexier. Here are three of the main reasons why SculpSure is fast becoming one of the most popular noninvasive body contouring treatments today — and how treatments at Serenity MedSpa can help you get the body you want.

It’s completely noninvasive

This is one of the biggest benefits of SculpSure, and even though we mentioned it earlier, it’s absolutely worth mentioning again. SculpSure uses no incisions. Instead, it uses laser energy emitted from a special handheld applicator to target fat cells beneath your skin. The laser energy penetrates your skin and is absorbed by your fat cells. A built-in cooling feature keeps your skin’s surface comfortable throughout treatment, and because the laser energy is fat selective, it’s attracted to and absorbed by fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

So what’s the advantage of being noninvasive? First of all, because there are no incisions, you don’t have the risks of infection and scarring. There’s no anesthesia either, so you don’t have to worry about the potential problems that can be caused when you’re under general anesthesia. And finally, because it’s noninvasive, your recovery time can be a lot faster and a lot more comfortable compared to the recovery and healing time associated with a liposuction procedure. In fact, there’s no downtime with SculpSure. You can go back to your regular routines right after your treatment session, and because each treatment is so quick, it’s easy to fit your session into your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

It helps tighten and tone your skin

Liposuction may remove fat, but it does nothing for your overlying skin. Once the fat is gone, your skin needs to reshape to your contours. If your skin doesn’t have enough elasticity to hug your new shape, you can be left with a lot of loose, sagging skin.

Because SculpSure uses laser heat to melt away fat cells, it can help tone and tighten your skin as well. The heat initially works to shrink or firm up your skin so your results are more visible. And it also helps stimulate the production of collagen — protein fibers that join together to form supple networks underneath your skin. It’s collagen that helps your skin look and feel firm and resilient. Since SculpSure’s laser energy ramps up collagen production over time, it’s easier for your skin to reform to your new shape over time.

It gets rid of fat — for good

SculpSure’s laser energy heats up fat cells, breaking down fat cell walls and releasing the fatty material they contain. Then the fatty debris is carried off naturally by your body’s lymph system over time. There’s no need for suction, and once the fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone for good. Of course, neighboring fat cells can still “swell” if you eat too much, so you should still eat a healthy diet and stay physically active to maintain your slim, sleek shape. But the fat cells in the treatment area will not return or regrow.

At Serenity MedSpa, SculpSure treatments take about a half hour, and they can be used on many areas of your body, including your belly, flanks, thighs, and arms, for up to a 24 percent reduction of fat cells. If you’ve got some stubborn pockets of excess fat you’d like to get rid of without surgery, SculpSure could be just what you’re looking for. To learn more about SculpSure treatments at Serenity MedSpa, book an appointment online today.

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