4 Benefits of Neurotoxin Injectables

4 Benefits of Neurotoxin Injectables

The world of injectable treatments that smooth your skin and make you look better — but still like yourself — is more advanced than ever. There are so many highly specialized treatment options you can choose from, and there’s nothing not to like about them.

Botulinum toxin A injectables target dynamic wrinkles, or furrows and lines that develop from repeated muscle movement in your face over many years. Although derived from a toxin, small doses are safe and block nerve signals to specific muscles so they can’t contract. The treatment relaxes your muscles and prevents your facial expression from forming creases and lines. 

Dr. Sharon Gertzman offers the neurotoxin injectable Dysport® at Serenity Medical Spa, and our patients love the results. 

Dysport neurotoxin treatments offer impressive advantages

When patients visit Dr. Gertzman to talk about treatments that can erase the years and freshen their look, she explains that Dysport checks off four important boxes — which accounts for its immense popularity.

1. Dysport successfully addresses a multitude of problems

Neurotoxin treatment with Dysport treats diverse issues, including:

Not only does Dysport eliminate these troubling signs of aging, but it’s also effective on mild, moderate, and severe lines. Dr. Gertzman is also able to treat multiple areas of your face at the same time during a single treatment session. 

2. Dysport treatment is comfortable and safe

You can rest easy with Dysport treatment, both literally and figuratively. It’s FDA-approved, and when you come in for treatment, we make you comfortable, and Dr. Gertzman answers all your questions before your treatment begins.

The needles used to administer Dysport are very fine, and most patients describe a mild pinching sensation while they receive their injection, as opposed to pain. After treatment, Dr. Gertzman may apply ice to your treatment area to soothe it. You may experience slight swelling or redness afterward, but applying a cold pack at home can help resolve those post-treatment side effects quickly. 

3. Dysport treatments are noninvasive in every sense of the world

When you get treated with Dysport, your face gets a “do over,” but with no stitches or lengthy, uncomfortable recovery time required.

Committing to treatment doesn’t upend your life or schedule either. Each session lasts only 10-20 minutes, and you don’t have to run back for follow-up appointments because Dysport’s unmatched results last up to 4-6 long months. 

There’s no downtime required after Dysport treatment either, but Dr. Gertzman will advise you not to get into a reclining position or look downward for about 4-6 hours after treatment to discourage drooping. 

You start noticing Dysport’s effects just a few days after treatment, and we’re certain you’ll be impressed. 

4. Dysport’s results offer you more than just a prettier face

It’s important to remember that Dr. Gertzman can pinpoint each treatment area so precisely — and isolate treatment to only where it’s needed — that it has zero effect on the rest of your face. 

This means that you don’t look unnatural or “frozen.” In fact, you may run into quite a few people who say you look fabulous, but they can’t quite figure out why — just the reaction you’re after.

Dr. Gertzman offers complimentary Dysport consultations, so you can determine together whether the treatment is right for you and fits your goals.

To set one up, simply call our Pennington office at 609-891-3188 or request one online.

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