5 Ways Microneedling Can Enhance Your Skin

Do you dearly wish that a textural overhaul was possible for your skin? Not only does your skin’s saggy, crepey appearance or permanent, unsightly acne scarring tank your self-confidence, how you feel about your appearance profoundly impacts your overall well-being. 

If you’re overweight, diet and exercise can do the trick, and if those gray hairs are bringing you down, a visit to your stylist can fix that in a couple hours. Not so for issues around aging or pock-marked skin. 

Dr. Sharon Gertzman offers a revolutionary treatment that addresses these issues by combining microneedling with the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy. At Serenity Medical Spa, we’ve seen VirtueRF treatments do wonders for aging skin and dramatically minimize the appearance of acne scars. 

How does the VirtueRF treatment platform work?

The individual treatments combined in VirtueRF have each been around for years, but when performed separately, results have traditionally been mediocre or uncomfortable at best. Microneedling involves using a tool that makes scores of minute puncture wounds in the skin to pump up the production of collagen — the connective protein that gives your skin elasticity, while RF treatments were successful, but quite painful. 

When you come to Serenity Medical Spa for VirtueRF treatment, Dr. Gertzman prepares your skin by gently applying a topical anesthetic to the area she plans to treat. Since your sensitivity is so reduced, you’re completely comfortable during treatment. 

To perform the treatment, Dr. Gertzman uses a robotic handpiece that allows her great control in precisely targeting your treatment area. In mere seconds, the needles puncture your skin and while still inserted, they deliver a dose of RF energy. She methodically moves the handpiece until your entire targeted area has been treated. 

As a follow-up to your treatment, Dr. Gertzman applies a special growth factor serum, which stimulates additional collagen production, causing your skin to tighten even more. 

VirtueRF far surpasses traditional microneedling or RF energy application alone because it’s comfortable and quick, and the results are striking. 

Five benefits that VirtueRF imparts to your skin

VirtueRF treatment improves your skin in key ways, transforming how you feel about presenting yourself to the world:

  1.  VirtueRF transforms areas of your body that have traditionally been hard to treat and where signs of aging and acne scarring abound:

  2.  The VirtueRF treatment platform fuels the production of collagen, the connective protein that gives your skin elasticity. 

  3.  VirtueRF treatments tighten your skin, which makes it look smoother and reduces sagging, so your skin loses that crepey quality. Fine lines and wrinkles also disappear.

  4.  Treatment with VirtuRF significantly minimizes the appearance of acne scars, and it doesn’t matter whether you've just noticed them, or whether they’ve plagued you for years. 

The microneedling actually disrupts scar tissue, and the RF energy leads to collagen production that fills up the depressed areas of your scars. 

  5.  Though some laser-based skin treatments can lighten or darken your skin in spots, there’s zero risk of these side effects with VirtueRF. 

The number of VirtueRF treatments Dr. Gertzman recommends for you depends on your goals, but typically patients receive a series of three treatments, spaced one month apart. We’re happy to report that our patients are consistently delighted with their VirtueRF treatment results.

Little downtime, but aftercare protocol is important

You’re back to normal in less than a day typically, though recovery can take up to 48 hours. Any residual redness or inflammation dissipates quickly, while you notice exciting things like skin renewal, tautness, and a more even appearance. 

That said, if you’ve received VirtueRF treatment, Dr. Gertzman points out that it’s important to refrain from using skin products with acid in them, steering clear of makeup for a day, and waiting a bit to engage in any type of demanding exercise. She recommends specific products to use after treatment, and you should also stay well hydrated and avoid the sun. 

Her final recommendation? Prepare for compliments! 

We offer a VirtueRF consultation at no charge, so you and Dr. Gertzman can determine whether it’s right for you. Call our office at 609-337-2790 to schedule an appointment or book one online

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