Dynamic Vs. Static Wrinkles (and How Injectables Can Help)

Dynamic Vs. Static Wrinkles (and How Injectables Can Help)

Faces are as unique as snowflakes — no two are alike, and they age differently. In various ways and over time, facial skin loses its elasticity and suppleness thanks to hormone shifts, damage from the elements, stress levels, and more.

The wrinkles, lines, and crevices that develop as a result are unwelcome signs of aging, but they emerge for different reasons, and the source matters.

Dr. Sharon Gertzman and our team at Serenity Medical Spa offer the latest in anti-aging treatments and products — fully vetted by Dr. Gertzman — so you can feel great about the skin you’re in again. 

Combine this professional diligence with our staff’s support and compassion, and you understand why Serenity Medical Spa is the go-to practice for so many.

Static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles — what’s the difference?

It’s important to know how these two distinct types of wrinkles develop because they require different treatments. 

Static wrinkles develop because as you get older, collagen and elastin — two proteins responsible for giving your skin its resilience — diminish. Collagen strengthens your skin’s foundation, while elastin gives it the ability to bounce back from stresses. 

As you age, a combination of gravity, skin thinning, and waning collagen and elastin production create wrinkles that stay visible even while your face is at rest. Examples of static wrinkles include marionette lines that start at the corners of your mouth and go downward toward your chin and textural wrinkles that appear on the cheeks. 

Dynamic wrinkles form after years of repeated facial movements, such as speaking, smiling, frowning, blinking, and yawning. Common types of dynamic wrinkles are the vertical lines that crop up between your brows, crow’s feet around your eyes, and forehead lines. 

Solutions for static and dynamic lines are both available

If your wrinkles — whether static or dynamic — are bringing you down, we offer an array of minimally invasive treatments that rejuvenate your face and bring back a youthful glow, elasticity, and smoothness. 

Injectable treatments target the types of lines you want to address. Dynamic lines respond well to neurotoxin treatment, which we offer with Dysport®. These injections restrict facial muscle movement and are particularly good at erasing those “11” lines between your brows and frown lines, but you don’t sacrifice a natural look. 

Patients love this treatment because it’s painless, quick (usually only 10-20 minutes), and the results are excellent. You also don’t need to come back often for treatment, as Dysport results last up to five months. 

For static wrinkles, we offer a range of injectable fillers that contain different ingredients designed to target specific problems.

The Restylane family of treatments contains hyaluronic acid, a line-busting absorbent substance that your body produces, and each product targets certain areas of your face:

Both of these advanced treatments provide natural and long-lasting results up to 12 months. 

The RHACollection by Revance Aesthetics is a unique hyaluronic acid filler solution in that it’s designed (and approved by the FDA) for treating both static and dynamic wrinkles. Further, one of the line’s products treats the moderate-to-severe facial volume loss that exacerbates nasolabial folds and marionette lines.  

The RHA Collection includes:

Results from RHA treatments last an impressive 12-15 months, depending on which treatment you receive. 

Sculptra™ contains poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates collagen production and adds volume to the middle of your face. Sculptra’s results build upon each other because you receive a series of injections over a few months. Once treatment is initiated, results last up to an impressive two years. 

Radiesse is another treatment for the mid-face that also jumpstarts collagen production and strengthens your skin’s foundation. Results typically last for a full year, and treatment improves jowls, smile lines, marionette lines, and more.  

Dr. Gertzman offers complimentary consultations, so you can learn which of these transformative treatments is right for you and your goals. Simply call our office at 609-891-3188 or use our convenient online booking tool

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