Our Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Our Best Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter does a job on your skin. As temperatures plummet, you spend more time indoors, where it’s dry. Going outside means you’re hit with more dry air and harsh wind. All in all, a recipe for dry, itchy skin that looks less-than-glowing. 

We’ve got tips to keep your skin beautiful all winter long, no matter what hand you’re dealt by Old Man Winter. 

If you come to Serenity Medical Spa with a case of the winter-skin blues, Dr. Sharon Gertzman and our team are here to help. We offer education on how best to pamper your skin during the winter months, advanced services, and top-of-the-line skin products that restore your skin, no matter what unforgiving elements you’re exposed to.

Winter robs your skin of its vitality

Winter’s unique woes can certainly make your skin look dull, tight, and irritated, but that doesn’t have to be your reality.

We’ve got budget-friendly, effective tips to make your skin look its most radiant, despite low temps and howling wind. 

1. Skip long showers and baths

Exposing your skin to super hot water and an artificially heated indoor environment is doubly drying and does you no favors. It may feel soothing, but lengthy high-temp bathing strips your skin of oils and moisture, just what you don’t want to do. 

Stick to shorter, lukewarm baths and showers, and your skin will come out ahead. Steer clear of harsh cleansers too, and when you towel off, do so gently and follow up with a moisturizer. 

2. Be judicious with your heat

It’s also tempting to blast your heat indoors during winter. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD), the problem is that the higher your indoor air temperature, the drier your indoor air, which leads to drier skin. 

Aim to keep your winter indoor air temperature in the 68-75 degree range and wear more layers. 

3. Keep the humidifier humming

Purchasing a humidifier is an affordable, consistent way to keep supplying needed moisture to dry interior air. Trying for an indoor humidity level of between 30% and 50% is ideal, and you can place one in your most-used rooms. 

4. Never skimp on sunscreen

Not even in winter. You may wonder why it’s necessary to use sunscreen on cloudy days, but it’s still critical to protecting your skin from damaging UV rays, up to 80% of which can still reach you, despite it being a gray day. If you live in an area with lots of snow, it’s quite reflective and increases UV exposure. 

Keep vigilant about using a broad-spectrum sunscreen (which protects against both UVA and UVB rays) with an SPF of 30 or above since the sun damages your skin and contributes to sagging

5. Make sure your skin products are season-appropriate

You shouldn’t necessarily use the same products when it’s 90 degrees and humid out that you do when it’s dry and frigid. Your skin needs different things in the winter, like protection against harsh elements and mega-moisture. 

Serenity Medical Spa carries the respected ZÓ Skin Health product line, developed by renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. Dr. Gertzman ascertains which products will benefit you most during the coldest, driest months, from superb sunscreens to excellent exfoliators and moisturizers. 

6. Seek customized skincare

No matter the month, and especially during winter, don’t hesitate to plan a visit with Dr. Gertzman. She discusses your skin’s specific issues with you and offers treatment options with special sensitivity. 

You might experience intensified problems with your skin, for example, if you have rosacea, acne, or premature aging. No matter what the problem you want help with, she can help:

We offer long-lasting injectables, including Revance’s™ RHA Collection, with hyaluronic acid filler solution, volume-adding Restylane ReFyne and DeFyne filler treatments, and Dysport, a botulinum toxin A treatment that’s excellent for deep furrows between the brows and other issues. 

Whether you’re talking with Dr. Gertzman for the first time about winter skin issues or if a consultation is a winter routine, you’re in the best hands for looking great. 

Call our office at 609-891-3188 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gertzman to combat the “winter blahs” and their effect on your skin, or reach us through our website

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