Why Does Fat Settle in My Abdomen?

Why Does Fat Settle in My Abdomen?

No one welcomes fat around their midsections, but why, oh why, does it happen? More discouraging still is that you can work out like mad, eat very healthily, and still be plagued by abdominal fat that refuses to budge. 

It used to be that there wasn’t much you could do other than wearing your shirts untucked or distracting onlookers by using great jewelry to keep them from looking at your tubby tummy. 

The great news is that there’s now a treatment that actually zaps your abdominal fat that has so much going for it, it’s an offer you really can’t refuse. SculpSure is a groundbreaking treatment for spot fat removal that’s not only safe — it doesn’t require going “under the knife.” 

In fact, it’s permanent! SculpSure is just one of the progressive treatments we offer men and women here at Serenity Medical Spa

Dr. Sharon Gertzman, always one to adopt innovative treatments, saw SculpSure as an ideal treatment right away for her patients who struggle with stubborn abdominal fat, as well as fat that settles in other trouble spots. She believes your self-esteem is intertwined with your physical health, and has helped many patients obliterate unwanted fat with SculpSure. 

Why does fat set up camp in your abdominal area?

There are various reasons why fat migrates to your stomach, and your gender and age have a lot to do with it.

Women tend to gather stubborn belly fat after having a baby — or a couple. Later on in life, with the transition into menopause, a decrease in estrogen production makes postmenopausal women collect abdominal fat, otherwise known as “menopot.” 

Men also collect fat in their abdomens as they age and experience hormonal fluctuations — in their case, a reduction in testosterone. 

We know that no matter why you’ve gained unwelcome abdominal fat, you likely want it gone — ASAP.

How does body contouring work?

SculpSure treatment is noninvasive, and through laser heat, can destroy up to 24% of clingy fat cells in a wide range of common problem areas. These include your abdomen of course, but also “love handles,” bulges around your bra, and fat in your thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. SculpSure even addresses submental fat, or the fat that settles under your chin. 

And you’re at zero risk for post-procedural infection, discomfort, or recovery-related complications because of the noninvasive nature of the treatment. No incisions, anesthesia, or lengthy recovery are necessary with SculpSure, period. These reasons, along with a 90% patient satisfaction rate, are responsible for the treatment’s popularity. 

If you’re worried about SculpSure treatments being uncomfortable, don’t. Many patients describe a 25-minute treatment as relaxing and spa-like! Dr. Gertzman carefully places the SculpSure treatment paddles on your abdomen (or other targeted treatment area) and you feel a warm, tingly sensation as the laser heat does its work on your fat cells.

During treatment, you can relax and even close your eyes while Dr. Gertzman cares for you, and SculpSure is effective no matter what your body or skin type. After your body bids farewell to your fat cells, your body flushes them away.

SculpSure is FDA-approved and requires no downtime, so you can skip out of our office and go back to work, spend time with your family, run errands, whatever your schedule requires. Don’t confuse SculpSure with a comprehensive weight loss program, though. It’s strictly for addressing trouble spots. Results are permanent if you maintain your healthy lifestyle. How’s that for convenience? 

You start to see the results of your treatment in as little as six weeks, but SculpSure keeps working, and your maximum effects are evident at about 12 weeks. 

SculpSure offers extra advantages

SculpSure offers unique benefits that other treatments like CoolSculptingdon’t. SculpSure is highly targeted as compared to other treatments (like CoolSculpting, which freezes fat cells), and you can be certain that only the areas you want treated are affected. When body contouring treatment isn’t highly refined, the results can look less than ideal. 

What’s more, since four treatment paddles are part of the treatment platform, Dr. Gertzman can treat both highly localized, smaller areas of your body, or more expansive ones. The treatment is that flexible. 

SculpSure also gives your skin a boost. Fat removal can make it sag and look deflated. SculpSure’s laser energy boosts the production of collagen and elastin in your body, two proteins it produces that give your skin its resilience. 

Dr. Gertzman helps you decide how many treatments you need and advises you on how treatments should be timed. 

Take the first step to looking great again by scheduling a free consultation with us. Simply call our office at 609-337-2790 or book one through our website

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