Will Body Contouring Make Me Skinny?

Even if you feel generally positive about your body and are within a normal weight range, you still may have isolated areas that bother you, caused by fat deposits that won’t budge. These stubborn spots may have nothing to do with what you eat and how much you move. Instead, the culprit might be the body type you inherited or the body changes that come with age and life transitions, like menopause. 

Dr. Sharon Gertzman offers an innovative body contouring treatment that solves the problem of diet- and exercise-resistant fat stores — SculpSure.  

Based on a careful analysis of your medical history, your current health, and Dr. Gertzman’s years of clinical experience, she formulates a treatment plan that’s medically sound and meets your unique needs.

What body contouring is, and what it isn’t

Serenity Medical Spa’s SculpSure body contouring treatments reduce your body fat by using laser energy to disrupt and destroy stubborn fat cells.

SculpSure has had a surge in popularity thanks to its numerous benefits, including that it’s FDA-approved, noninvasive, comfortable, and yields impressive results. However, it’s essential to understand what SculpSure can and can’t do:

Though it’s understandable to wonder whether SculpSure could cause overall weight loss, it wasn’t developed for that purpose. When you lose weight through diet and exercise, your fat cells shrink all over your body. The upside is that you experience overall weight loss. The downside is that those shrunken cells can expand again if you gain weight. 

SculpSure is designed to address specific targeted problem areas and isn’t an overall weight loss aid. However, the treatment permanently destroys fat cells in those areas, so they can’t return.  

SculpSure helps you look smoother, fitter, and more in proportion by diminishing fat in many areas of the body, including:

You can expect noticeable results around the six-week post-treatment mark, and optimal results come approximately six weeks after that. 

What to expect from body contouring treatment

When you come in for a SculpSure treatment, Dr. Gertzman positions the SculpSure paddles on your targeted treatment areas, and you can close your eyes, read, or even watch TV. Most patients feel warmth during treatment but not discomfort or pain. 

Treatment sessions are brief, but the length of your appointment depends on how many areas you treat. After treatment, there’s no downtime, so you can return to work, school, home, or wherever you need to be. During the weeks following treatment, your body eliminates the fat cells that your treatment destroyed naturally. 

Compared to another popular contouring treatment called CoolSculpting that freezes fat cells instead, SculpSure comes out ahead since the treatment platform allows Dr. Gertzman to treat multiple, larger areas, thanks to four treatment paddles. CoolSculpting comes with just a single treatment paddle.

Additionally, CoolSculpting affects only the area of skin that its paddle covers, while SculpSure’s benefits extend to the area beyond the paddle outline, giving you more fat loss benefits. 

CoolSculpting doesn’t provide any skin support post-treatment either, whereas SculpSure actually promotes collagen and elastin production in your body, which supports your skin. Since CoolSculpting doesn’t offer this benefit, you may experience post-treatment sagging.

SculpSure may be the right solution for eliminating those lumps and bumps that a healthy diet and exercise can’t touch.

Call our Pennington office today at 609-891-3188 to learn more about SculpSure, or request an appointment online.

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