Help! I Regret My Tattoo

Help! I Regret My Tattoo

Tattoos are no longer reserved for the occasional young adult on a wild weekend. In the last few decades, body ink has become ubiquitous, and people of all ages express themselves through a visit to the tattoo parlor.

Many eventually regret their tattoos, however, and wonder if there’s any way to reverse what they now consider a questionable decision and remove them.

Fortunately, Dr. Sharon Gertzman and the caring, all-women Serenity Medical Spa team offer an innovative tattoo removal treatment that’s comfortable, safe, and leaves no trace. As always, Dr. Gertzman seeks to meet her patients where they are and provide care that’s consistently centered on the patient and their unique needs. 

The tattoo trend: Waxing and waning

A Pew Research Study revealed that 32% of respondents had at least one tattoo, and the top reason for getting it was that they wanted to memorialize or honor a person or event they held dear. 

The tattoo removal business is booming, and growing numbers of people regret their past body art decisions. 

An ideal solution for tattoo regrets

Dr. Gertzman chose a tattoo removal treatment platform that met her high standards of safety and effectiveness since she strives to ensure that patients feel confident that their removal treatment has been carefully vetted and is safe, efficient, economical, and effective. 

PicoSure  tattoo removal has safely and comfortably eliminated unwanted ink for many patients, who can then go on to be free from the worry of exposing a tattoo they don’t like any longer or one that was simply badly executed. 

The advantages that make PicoSure so patient-friendly include

PicoSure gets its name because the laser-powered tool delivers an incredible trillion pulses per second (“pico” is the prefix for a trillion) to the skin to remove tattoo ink. The supersonic speed of the pulses even reduces the amount of heat you feel on your skin as you’re getting the procedure done. 

During your PicoSure treatment, you relax, and Dr. Gertzman ensures your comfort by gently applying a numbing cream to your treatment area. As she performs the removal, you may feel a mild sensation similar to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin, but nothing severe. Patients report to us that they tolerate treatment very well.

The duration of your treatment session depends upon:

Typically, you’ll need between 4-10 treatments to remove your old unwanted tattoo fully, and your treatment area needs to heal before you receive your next treatment. This is time well spent to get your skin clean and clear again! 

Though we mentioned that scarring is rare with PicoSure, you may notice hypopigmentation in the treatment area (a lightening of the skin), which usually disappears after you heal. 

Increase tattoo removal treatment success with these steps

You can partner with Dr. Gertzman to get the best results from your PicoSure treatments by following her before-and-after treatment advice. 

Before visiting us for treatment, steer clear of the sun for two weeks, don’t use lotion or skin products on your tattoo area before you come, and wear loose and comfortable clothing so that accessing your tattoo is easy. Dr. Gertzman also needs to review what medications you take and may recommend that you temporarily stop taking any blood thinners.

After your PicoSure treatment, keep your treatment area clean with gentle cleansing products, don’t rub, wash, pick, or be rough with your treated skin, and follow any advice Dr. Gertzman shares about what medications you should be taking or, conversely, taking a break from as you heal. To discourage infection, apply antibiotic ointment regularly as well. 

As you progress through your treatments, you’ll observe how your skin lightens more and more after each one until that old tattoo is a thing of the past. Check out the stunning results PicoSure delivers here.

More good news about PicoSure is that it’s also effective at treating other problematic skin issues like hyperpigmentation and acne scars. 

Call our conveniently located Pennington Road office today at 609-891-3188 to schedule an appointment to learn more about PicoSure, or book one online

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