How to Make the Most of Your Nonsurgical Body Contouring Treatment

How to Make the Most of Your Nonsurgical Body Contouring Treatment

Rodin’s “The Thinker,” Michelangelo’s “David,” and the Statue of Liberty are all examples of artistically inspired, stunning sculptures that showcase the beauty of the human form.

Today, there's a way to sculpt your body with the same eye for detail and beauty so it’s more pleasing to you and devoid of those pesky problem areas that just don’t seem to get better — despite rigorous workout routines and eating right.

Dr. Sharon Gertzman provides a revolutionary treatment called SculpSureⓇ at Serenity Medical Spa. It miraculously remakes and reshapes the areas of your body needing improvement.

Refine your body without surgery

SculpSure is different from fat removal surgery (liposuction) in critical ways. The main difference is that it’s nonsurgical, so you can get amazing results without the trauma to your body that comes with invasive surgery.

SculpSure is a body-contouring treatment platform that targets just the areas you and Dr. Gertzman identify as problems. It harnesses the power of laser energy to make fat removal and spot reduction realities. This treatment addresses:

Dr. Gertzman is an enthusiastic proponent of SculpSure — and so are scores of our patients — because it works! That’s not the procedure’s only advantage, though. 

SculpSure has soared in popularity because it’s safe and FDA-approved, and treatment sessions are brief and comfortable. Each SculpSure treatment lasts, on average, about 25 minutes, and afterward, you get to return to your normal activities with zero downtime.

What should I anticipate with a SculpSure treatment?

During treatment, Dr. Gertzman places the SculpSure paddle to deliver the laser energy on the spot or spots you’ve both set as places you want fat eradicated. When treatment starts, you experience a cool feeling and then slight tingling and warmth, but it’s not painful or uncomfortable. These sensations cycle throughout your treatment. 

This treatment destroys fat cells, which your body later eliminates naturally. SculpSure treatment destroys up to an impressive 24% of fat cells where it’s delivered — no wonder patient satisfaction exceeds 90%.

During your treatment, all you need to do is relax. You can even close your eyes, listen to music, or read.

SculpSure’s advantages are crystal clear

Dr. Gertzman has flexibility in how and where she can treat you because the platform offers four treatment paddles that simultaneously treat several parts of a large area. In addition, SculpSure’s laser reaches beyond the targeted treatment area and zaps fat cells there, too. 

Another significant advantage of SculpSure is that it offers post-treatment skin support. After fat removal, the treatment stimulates your body to produce collagen and elastin to fight post-treatment skin sag, so your skin is tauter. 

Many patients ask how SculpSure compares to another contouring treatment that freezes fat, CoolSculptingⓇ. SculpSure wins against CoolSculpting on every count. 

CoolSculpting has only a single paddle and is effective solely on the targeted treatment area as opposed to the treatment area and the area surrounding it, and it doesn’t offer the post-treatment skin support that SculpSure does. SculpSure treatments also take less time.

SculpSure’s results are permanent, and you see them in as little as six weeks, with the full effects of treatment visible by 12 weeks post-treatment. 

Dr. Gertzman is eager to tell you about the considerable benefits you could get from SculpSure treatment. And the extraordinary results are more than just physical. Prepare for compliments and boundless confidence.

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