Everyone has a different facial structure and defining features. For some, it is their eyes; for other, it might be their lips. Unfortunately, the signs of aging are unavoidable. We are all subject to them as we grow older.

The first signs of aging, much to everyone’s misfortune, appear on our faces. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines become more prominent with each passing day. Fortunately for us, we can turn to cosmetic procedures to help reverse the signs of aging.

The aging process and heavy sun exposure result in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines along your lips. These wrinkles form because your skin’s elastin fibers and collagen slowly break down, making your skin less elastic and more prone to damage. The lips also become thinner and less attractive over time. For more defined and natural-looking lips, Restylane Silk is your go-to filler.


Restylane Silk is a clear gel that consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural compound produced in the body for the production of collagen. Restylane Silk is an FDA-approved injectable filler that is used to improve the fullness of the lips and iron out the fine lines and wrinkles around them.

Once Restylane Silk has been injected into your lips, it gives them more volume and restores a natural look. This dermal filler is biodegradable, but the extraction is not made from animals. This makes it hypoallergenic and safe for use without any pre-testing.

Doctors all over the world are recommending Restylane Silk for people who are looking for naturally plump lips. Since this filler contains hyaluronic acid, it is easily accepted by the tissues in the lips, and the results last for months.


If you are unhappy with the shape of your lips or if you notice the formation of lines and wrinkles around your lips that you’d like removed, then you should consider getting Restylane Silk filler injections. This treatment temporarily boosts the volume of your lips, giving them a fuller and more rejuvenated appearance. It also helps erase fine lines and wrinkles.

The procedure is extremely safe and can be used on people of all skin types. It is important that the patient is not suffering from any kind of infection or oral ulcers when they come in for treatment. Patients are also advised to discontinue the use of aspirin or similar medication at least a week before the treatment.


The procedure is conducted by injecting the Restylane Silk gel filler under the skin of the patient’s lips. It is a relatively painless treatment, although some patients prefer the use of a topical anesthetic cream.

The entire procedure takes about an hour, and patients can return to their normal routines immediately. They may experience some degree of temporary pain and tenderness due to the injections, but that will soon pass. If there is any post-treatment bruising, patients can use make-up to cover it up.


Dr. Sharon Gertzman, an experienced and skilled physician, will be available to answer your Restylane Silk questions during a consultation at our office. To set up an appointment for a consultation, contact our office.

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