Having smooth, healthy skin is important for a positive self-image. People who look older often feel older as a result, but this feeling doesn’t have to be permanent. Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that can melt away years from your appearance.

Radiesse can be used to correct multiple skin issues. It has the ability to fill scars both deep and superficial, including scarring from acne. It promotes collagen and elastin growth to ensure healthier skin with more volume.

What’s unique about Radiesse is that the microspheres act as a scaffold, providing structure under the skin and stimulating the growth of your own natural collagen.

During a consultation, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Gertzman will evaluate your skin and give you a recommendation regarding the right procedure for you. Dr. Gertzman can explain how Radiesse works and can tell you about the benefits it offers. To set up a consultation, make an appointment with our office.

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